Costs and working capital optimization


Integrated planning and budgeting
Stock optimization
Service level optimization (on-shelf availability, Supply chain SLA)
Warehouse and transport logistics performance improvement
Workload and headcount optimization
Rental payments optimization
Business processes and operational efficiency improvement, Lean methodology implementation

Losses and write-offs optimization

Projects examples

  • 1
    Top-3 retailer of consumer electronics & home appliance

    Integrated planning and replenishment business processes and methodology implementation

  • 2
    Top-3 fast food restaurants

    CVM implementation

  • 3
    Top-3 grocery retailer in Kazakhstan

    Business processes complex diagnostics

  • 4
    International manufacturer of tobacco heating systems
    Retail locations rental costs optimization
  • 5
    Top-3 jewelry retailer

    Omnichannel CX improvement

  • 6
    Federal retailer of perfumes and cosmetics

    Forecast and replenishment business processes and systems diagnostics

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