System selection and implementation


Business and technical requirements development for the IT system implementation
Target IT-architecture development
IT systems functionality and implementation quality assessment, potential for improvement definition
Vendor search and selection support
IT system implementation and business case realization support

Data quality and data flows improvement

Optimization models development

Technology scouting

Projects examples

  • 1
    Top-3 telecom operator

    System selection and target IT architecture development

  • 2
    Top-3 grocery retailer

    Business and functional requirements development, IT architecture and data model development

  • 3
    Top-3 fashion retailer

    Digital transformation strategy development and business cases assessment

  • 4
    Top-3 jewelry retailer
    Technology scouting, business requirements development and vendor selection support
  • 5
    Top-3 fast food restaurants

    Initiatives implementation supported by analytical and recommendation models

  • 6
    Top-3 grocery retailer

    Target automated store staff management system implementation support

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